Chemical Free Farming: 1) Why & How

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Before jumping to the discussion regarding the chemical free farming we will go through some of the main reasons that forced the world to consider the traditional farming system once again. We all know the ill effect of modern day farming methods on Health, Environment and on Ecosystem so we will not discuss the problem in details:-

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Few of the major issues with (so called) modern day chemical based farming practice:-

  • Farming system based on pesticides and chemicals aren’t sustainable in long run. There are numerous examples in India itself, and more farmers are realizing this as time passes by. Major issue is that input cost goes on increasing year by year and after reaching a threshold the production level starts decreasing rapidly despite increasing the inputs.
  • Whole Ecosystem is being polluted, The problem is so severe that the pesticide residue are now a day’s even found in the mother’s milk, leave apart the residue in agricultural products. This is resulting is exponential increase in disease like cancer and other especially in areas where the chemical farming is practiced in large scale.
  • Larger Impact is seen on wildlife and insects. Due to pollution &Destruction of habitat (result of mono-cropping) many beneficial insects for farmers are becoming extinct and these results in widespread pest infestation in crops and resulting in economic loss to farmers.

All of the above is resulting in increase in farmers input cost. Most important point is the crop that he grows using the chemical based inputs lacks strength and is weak and more susceptible to the environmental related issues and also more attractive to pests and diseases.

  • When a farmer practices chemical based farming he is dependent on market for each and every input he uses for cultivation.

Usually there are many myths surrounding organic farming that prevents farmers from even thinking of changing their chemical based farming practice to chemical free farming method.

Few most important points that we came across during our awareness and training work in Jashpur (Chhattisgarh) are as follows :-

(We will explain all these points in details in coming articles)

  • Chemical Farming is Cheaper or Organic Farming is Expensive Farming :-
  • Its belief that without adding chemical fertilizers one cannot get sufficient amount of production from farm.
  • Organic produce costs more to grow hence selling at higher price is an issue
  • Organic Pesticides and manures/ preparations are expensive and not easily available.
  • To start chemical free farming one need extensive and expensive training
  • To start Chemical Free Farming one need to work on land for 2-3 years to get sufficient returns

And many more such ………

However none of the above is correct and true…..

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