Consultancy Services


We provide a wide variety of consultancy services both to the private sector and govt departments, the services are in the diverse field re-engining from Farming, Horticulture, Process optimization, energy management, waste to energy, and social project planning and implementation. A small brief of the services are as follows
  • Farming & Horticulture

    • 100% Chemical free Farming and horticulture
      1. Site analysis, development, and project optimization
      2. Site development crop selection and processing options
      3. In site development of farm consumables like compost, manures, pesticides, etc
      4. Other value-added products
    • Farmhouse Development
    • Tea & Coffee State
      1. Conversion of Chemical to Organic or Natural
      2. In site development of farm consumables like compost, manures, pesticides, etc
      3. Quality Optimisation
      4. Workforce optimization
      5. Intercropping and other value addition in production to enhance income
    • Timber, Horticulture, and Medicinal options
      1. Depending on the investment profile and the need of the investor one chooses from weather timber, horticulture, or the medicinal plant cultivation
      2. These are too complex and risky if one made a single wrong decision like variety, intercultural operation, or things like wrong harvesting method
    • Vermicomposting and Vermiculture
        1. Small scale vermicomposting to meet the on-farm demand
        2. Large scale commercial vermicomposting units
        3. Vermiculture for supplying earthworms for commercial uses
  • Product Development & Process Optimisation

    1. Product development and Process optimization is required for whatever products one is developing or manufacturing irrespective of the scale of the operations
    2. We help the customers to design and improve on the process and design the best possible workflow so as to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum waste of time and resources

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