Why Go Chemical Free?

Isn’t it strange that usually people living in villages or small town looks younger than their age when compared with people who lives in cities and who spends a lot on care and maintenance of our body ! Other than the unhealthy food (almost 99% of the food and veggies in the cities are full of toxins, pesticides, insecticides etc.), one of the major reason is the products we are using in day to day life. Almost every product be it car freshener or mosquito repellent or even our hair oil, all are filled with chemicals.

Most common toxins present in day to day products are sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic flavours , synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives etc. These compounds not only disrupt the natural body balance and weakens our immune system, they also leads to hormonal dis-balance and speeds up again. Many products containing carcinogenic ingredients can also lead us to cancer.

Being a natural animal, our body is trained by default to tackle and benefit from natural, organic and chemical free ingredients in best possible way.

Switching to 100% Chemical free food can still be challenge in big cities and Towns; However you can start your first step towards chemical free living by choosing natural products. J

What About Delivery?

Usually for most of the products (other then bulky products like manure, compost etc) shopping above 750/- the shipping/Delivery charges are free.

We Ship via Indian Post, Ecom Express and DELHIVERY so that our products reaches safely and in time, even to our customers who are located in the remotest part of the country

Where You Serving?

All across India

What Are The Benefints?

We can assure you of results in single pack use, be it our pesticide or face cream. The benefit specially is our customer can be sure of product being chemical free and 90%+ raw materials are processed or purchsed directly by tribal farmers so Our Customers also have a feel of satisfction that they are contributing for the True Locals.