Importance of Tree in Farm

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When we talk or practice Chemical Free Farming the importance of having few trees in the farm cant be ignored.


Following are few of the most important benefits of having trees in farmland:

1. Manage soil and reduce erosion

Soil erosion reduces the fertility of soil as it removes the topsoil (the most fertile part) along with the organic matter and the microorganism present in it.

Erosion is most common in areas with high rainfall and high wind. Traditionally the trees are planted at borders for reducing the wind speed (as wind barriers). It should also be planted with proper planing within the farm as the deep roots improves soil fertility by bringing back minerals and nutrients from deep earth, all these minerals are available to the farm land via decaying of fallen leaves.

2. Improve Microbial Activity

3. Shade and Better Environment for Crops

4. Water management

5. Fuel and Composting materials

6. Habitat for Birds & Pollinators

7. Improving Bio Diversity

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