Personal Care & Agro Input Product Development


Consumer awareness has increased a lot in recent years, and we all are GROWING more conscious of what we eat, what we use, what we buy and how does it affect ourselves, our health, our environment, and our planet. Interestingly as you know Vedic Vatica was primarily established to research and study the effectiveness of ancient farming practices and analysis of the same from modern scientific outlook.

Interestingly in the starting years, two major issues forced us to venture into the Chemical Free Personal and Argo Input Products, we think it will be nice for our customers to know what started our journey into these sectors: –

Personal Care Segment: –

It started when one of the founding members was stuck in the hospital of the small town. As we all know there are very less basic facility in the rural India and same was the case, it was onset of summer season and the issue of mosquito was extremely high. He was surprised to see people using Chemical Mosquito repellents i.e. Coils and other vaporiser-based insecticides in the Hospital specially in ICU and Kids ward. As the stay was meant for 8-10 days so the need of a 100% safe mosquito repellent was felt strongly.  From the experience of working in fields and various forest tours and working with the locals he knew the basic components and on checking details on the internet it was clear that the product will work for sure. But Main issue was to develop the product form the raw material in such a way that can be used and will be effective.

As the room spray or coil or vaporise cant be effective in large area such as hospital ward or the mess or lobby the product was designed in way of water-based body spray and was made from 100% natural ingredients. The product worked well and was appreciated immediately by most of the nearby patients and hospital staff. Thus, the journey of development of the Chemical Free Personal care product started 😊

From this start, Vedic Vatica ventured into the 100% Chemical Free Personal Care Product segment and currently offer various products like:-

  1. Skin Care Oils and Cream
  2. Hair Fall Control and Care Oils
  3. Digestion improvement Seeds
  4. Care for Pancreas and Management of Blood Sugar
  5. Mosquito Repellent Spray
  6. 100% Hand Processed Green Tea
  7. General and Arthritis pain Relief Oil
  8. Nutritional Supplements

All the above products are 100% Chemical Free and Processed by TRIBLE population of the Native Villages, Thus we make sure of not only you getting the product in purest forms but also take care of local population who are true workforce for preserving nature

Agro Input Product

In the beginning years of Vedic Vatica core focus was on training the farmers to develop all the input products in house for their use. But soon we realise that it is not possible for all the growers to manufacture the products specially for those live-in cities or who do extensive faming. Main reason being lack of resources (natural resources are abundant in villages but not in bigger town or cities) and lack of time

We started our journey of Argo Input product manufacturing from one simple product containing Microbes in vermicompost base and now we have product ranging from 4-5 types of compost mix for various different uses to natural pesticides an growth promotors etc:-

  • Compost mixes: Paudh Amrit Series
  • Broad Spectrum Biopesticide and Fungicide: Terminate ++ and Trishul
  • Growth promotors: Bahubali