Small scale low-cost Plastic to Fuel Systems

Small scale low-cost Plastic to Fuel Systems

As we all know it is mandatory for District administration and Nagar Panchayat/palika to safely dispose of the unrecyclable plastic waste as per new solid waste management guidelines. Usually, the plastic waste is either dumped into landfills or is burnt along with other waste as no effective mechanism for the disposal is present.

Recycling of waste plastic
into usable plastic products in the most conventional strategy followed through
the world for years. However this is not always good and rarely provides impressive
results if we calculate the manpower required, the carbon emission and overall
efficiency required.

For the Above we propose
PLASTO-FUEL, the Technology that directly convert clean mixed plastic into FUEL

  • [up to 60-80 % by Weight Oil

The system is designed to produce fuel oil and waste product remaining is only the char (environmentally safe to dispose).



PLASTO-fuel : How it WORKS