Fresh Breath : AD | Strong Mouth Freshener Spray

 120.00 INR

| 100% प्राकर्तिक , 100% परिरक्षक रहित माउथ फ्रेशनर स्प्रे |

100% Natural, 100% Preservative Free Mouth Freshener Spray|

  • ज्यादा मजबूत सुगंध एवं ज्यादा कारगर | Extra Strong Formula 
  • 100% सुरक्षित एवं प्राकर्तिक घटक तत्व  |  100% Safe and Natural Ingredients
  • किसी भी प्रकार की दुर्गन्ध के लिए अत्यंत प्रभावी  |  Extremely Effective against any foul Smell
  • कोई भी विपरीत प्रभाव नहीं  |  Not Side Effect
  • किसी भी प्रकार का परिरक्षक इस्तमाल नहीं  |  No Preservative Added
  • किसी भी प्रकार का अल्कोहल इस्तमाल नहीं |  Water Base, No Alcohol Added
  • दैनिक उपयोग के लिए पुर्णतः सुरक्षित  |  Safe for Daily use
  • ३-६ घंटे तक प्रभावकारी  |  Effective for 3-6 Hours
  • सुगन्धित सुहानी सुगंध  |  Pleasant Aroma
  • शराब एवं सिगरेट की दुर्गन्ध पर भी प्रभावी  |  Effective even against the characteristic smell of SMOKE & ALCOHOL
  • प्रति उपयोग ३ रूपए से भी कम  |  Less then 3 Rupee per use (4-6 spray per use)
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  • Water base & alcohol free all herbal Mouth freshener Spray with no chemicals or Preservatives added. The Fresh Breath is 100% Natural thus can be used daily and be assured of no side effects on health.

  • Compared to other Such available products, the FRESH BREATH is very economical (compared to 10-15 rupee per use for other standard products available) counting only 2-3 rupee per use (4-5 spray per use).

  • Its Natural Oils base formula ensures to suppress the foul smell, it dosnt matter how strong the smell is. Its effective even against foul & characteristic smell of SMOKE, HOOKA & ALCOHOL.

  • The Perfect Blend of FRESH BREATH ensures you feel refreshed and confident.

Direction for Use:-

  • Spray 8-10 Spray inside the mouth and circulate well inside, Keep for 10-20 seconds and spit out. Repeat the same with with 5 sprays
  • The first spray of 8-10 spray absorbs the bad smell and throws it out. Second use ensures your breath smell perfect for longer duration.



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