Paudh Amrit – Rakshak

 49.00  45.00 INR

First Step Towards Integrated Pest & Nutrient Management

Best Preventive Product for Fungal/Viral/Bacteria Born Diseases

  • Best Product to Increase Immunity of your Plants
  • Immediate recovery from Stress due to disease or pest infestation
  • Shields against pest & Insect attack
  • Up-to 30% increase in germination rate after seed treatment
  • Strong roots after root treatment, up to 10% reduction in TP Loss
  • Enhances Power of Insecticide and Fungicide when used in combination
  • Speeds up Photosynthesis Process
  • Enhances Uptake and absorption of Secondary Nutrients
  • Thicker Roots and Stem
  • No Harmful effect on Human Health or Environment


Directions for use:-

  • Seed Treatment   : 8 gram in 30 litre of water for soaking for 3 hours
  • Plant Nursery  :   8 gram in 30liters of Water/Irrigation
  • Vegetables         : 8gram in 30 Litre of water / irrigation
    • 15 days after Transplant/30 day after sowing : 8gram/15 litre of water/ Spray
    • (repeat maximum 3-4 times at a gap of 12-20 days)
  • For Creepers/Climbers and other soft vegetables : 4 Gram in 15 litre of water/ Spray


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