Rooh: The Pain Relief Expert

 99.00 INR

For Muscle Pain, Sprain, Cough & Cold

OFFER PACK: 30ml   40ml Features:-

  • 100% Pure Essential Oil Based Core Ingredients, No Antibiotic, NO Chemicals
  • Small Molecular Size of Active Ingredients ensures it Penetrated the skin and reaches the affected area and start healing rapidly
  • Helpful in all types of pain, Sprains etc.
  • Beneficial in common cold and Infections also
  • Increases Blood Flow thus provides immediate comfort
  • Soothing & Relaxing Smell
  • Can also be used for Inhaling in humidifiers (for cough & cold)
  • Safe for Daily Use, No Chemicals or Preservatives
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Directions for use:-

  • Apply few Drops on affected area and rub gently [Do Not Massage]
  • Use few drops in humidifiers or steaming hot water for inhaling
  • Repeat twice or thrice as per intensity of Pain


Rooh is OIL in OIL Emulsion & NOT an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine


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