Sanjeevni: W+| Complete care for Confident Lady

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Complete care for Confident Lady

INDIA’s First Medicinal Oil enriched Mahogany Seeds from Vedic Vatica™ 

Balances The Vatta, The Pitta & The Kapha |  वात, पित्त. एवं कफ दोषों का निवारण

Benefits of SANJEEVNI W+

  • Improves Heart Health 

  • Prevents Formation of excess Cholesterol

  • Enhances Blood Oxygen Levels

  • Detoxify Whole Body

  • Improves Immunity

  • Improved Liver Function

  • Purifies Blood, Cures skin related issues: Oily Skin, Skin allergies & Pimples

  • Acts as Anti Aging Agent, Slows Down Signs of Aging

  • Enhances Energy in body and Keeps Brain active for longer duration

  • Helps Maintaining proper Menstruation cycle and control associated severe pain

  • Enhances Love Life, Promotes healthy Hormonal Balance


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Directions for use:-

  • #) (BEST METHOD) Chew  Sanjeevni  Inner seed (remove outer shell) early morning, #) If it taste too bitter and you are unable to chew it, you can break it into small pieces by hand and consume with water

[Avoid consumption of food or beverages at least for 30mins for better results]

Recommended Doses:-

1)For  Below 30 years Age:  Healthy Person: 1 medium size seed per day early morning

2)For above 30 years Age or  Patients         #) First days 1 seed every morning empty stomach          #) From 8th day  1 seeds in morning and 1 seed in evening

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