Vedic Vatica was started with the core idea of evaluating and comparing the age-old Indian farming practices and the so-called modern agricultural practices. The reason for this was the striking difference in the quality of produce that is available in the market and the produce that is been used by farmers themselves for their own consumption. Consumers will be shocked to know that when a standard farmer grows the food for themself or their family they rarely put or use any or if they use they put very minor chemical-based fertilizer. Every experienced farmer accepts the fact that chemicals deteriorate the taste and quality of the farm produce

We all are aware of the buzz going around in the name of organic farming and organic consumer products and now a days its considered as a status symbol to use and flaunt the Organic Products.   The price that consumer is paying for these organic items or rather we would like to say so called organic items is only benefiting there trader not the farmer directly. More than 80% of the farmers are marginal farmers and as the landholding is very small thus getting certification is the biggest challenge. Thus we prefer to call our methods as the chemical free farming method and encourage our consumers also to know the farmer directly and see on the ground the kind of farming they do before running towards certified products.  

  • In Two of our dedicated research farms and with the help of hundreds of other farmers we do the comparative research and analysis of various factors that impact the farm:-
    • Farming methodology
    • Input products
    • Fertilizers & Composts
    • Variety (Type) of seed
    • Seed showing time
    • Intercultural operations

From above we establish the best practices for a specific crop for our region.

From our R&D in the field, farm and other places we develop methodology and best practices guidelines for the farmers in such a way that that for farming, other than seeds farmer does not need to buy any other product not available easily in his village {Completely doing away with Petroleum based fertilisers and chemical pesticide}.

A farmer can easily manufacture their own fertiliser, growth promoters, soil conditioners, pesticides, fungicides and other Agro input products that are to be used for farming.

Thus, we are enabling farmers of our rural India to be almost 100% self-dependent and Atma Nirbhar does enhance the livelihood of a Farmer, The Village, and Also the Ecosystem as a whole.