About Us

About Us 

[Proudly Recon. As a Start-Up by Govt. Of India DIPP: 29371] 

Vedic Vatica is engaged in the Scientific Evaluation of Ancient Traditional practices of Natural farming methods, formulating a standard method/protocol and finding the accurate scientific reason of the cause and effect of the same. Vedic Vatica is also engaged in Scientific Advisory and consultancy regarding farming and related business.
On the business front, Vedic Vatica is actively engaged in manufacturing of optimum quality, pure, natural products & Chemical Free products across various domains such as Agriculture, Personal Care, Ayurvedic Products, etc. Being true to its foundation ideology: Serving Nature Serving Mankind: Vedic Vatica shares most of its profit with the society via empowering the villagers especially women’s to learn and provide themselves with employment. For the same reason, most of the raw material that we use is either grown in our farms, procured from the certified growers, or from the Villagers at respected rates for encouraging them to be a part of the chemical-free revolution.
So far Vedic Vatica has trained more than 300 farmers and is working in developing 4 villages as completely chemical-free farming villages.


The Company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, which is equipped with the latest technology and state of the art Laboratory for Research & Product development.
Vedic Vatica has one Field test farm and one model farm which is based completely on Chemical-free farming methods. The test farm is used for testing the products and experimenting with new ideas. Most of the new products before going to the field tests to customers are thoroughly tested and monitored in a scientific manner. Besides this, in the model farm, we grow most of the herbs and other inputs we use in our products in our Model farm.


Our research, manufacturing process, and products always strictly monitored and therefore, the quality of our products is unmatched. Our team of quality experts never delivers any product without checking. Our strict Quality control measure enables us to provide best in class products and thus ensures that our customers are always satisfied & get value for their money.

About Samarth Jain

Vedic Vatica was established in the year 2013, under the guidance of Mr. Samarth Jain, the Proprietor & Principle Scientist of the Company. He possesses a Master’s Degree in Nanotechnology with expertise in Nanomaterial’s & Devices. He has several research papers under his belt. For a complete early days research profile kindly visit the page (Linkedin Page: https://in.linkedin.com/in/jainsamarth).
Mr. Jain with the team of Vedic Vatica is currently working extensively on reviving the traditional Indian farming practices and uncovering scientific reasons and logical explanations in the age-old use of herbs and plants for common use. In the field of Chemical-free farming, he has gained considerable experience by experimentation and practice along with learning from the experience of many of the pioneers in the field. Mr. Jain is also actively engaged in providing free training sessions, seminars to the farmers and villagers. Along with his duties in Vedic Vatica, Mr. Jain also a well-known figure as a trainer/lecturer/speaker on the topic and art of chemical-free farming methodology and has been involved in carrying out training sessions, lectures & seminars for Govt programs, NGO’s and other institutions.

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